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  The best solutions with the most recent technologies possible

The Software Factory is a form of employment where the provider of services executed projects with budget, time and SLA (Service Level Agreement) set.

The construction of our projects has procedures, standards and measurements for a full cycle of development and maintenance of systems.

The method of managing projects by Flag IntelliWan, evidenced by customers, is based on the PMI (Project Management Institute), allowing regular progress reports, decisions, changes in scope and critical factors of the project through constant monitoring of our managers.

Flag IntelliWan is the company chosen by SAP to implement the pioneer project of SAP Business One Solution Factory, which produces modules and vertical additions to the ERP in Brazil and other Latin American countries.

Let us know and understand how your company can gain productivity and quality in development of solutions.


Cases institutionalized management of projects, changes in scope and quality assurance;
Transfer of technology of the best practices in Software Engineering;
Provision of a support team to increase levels of productivity and quality;
Use of the code generator, which speeds up the process of construction;
Guarantee of meeting SLA's pre-agreed with the customer;




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