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  Optimization of procedures and its optimization with the procedures

We went thru diagnosis and implementation projects of IT management.

At the stage of diagnosis, we compare and evaluate the best practices of the market (ITIL and Cobit) for the IT processes of our customers. We identified the maturity of processes and generate the plan of improvements, with a clear line of action. We also support our customers in the implementation of best practices, ensuring the increase of the maturity level of the processes.

With 4 years of experience in projects of governance in large customers, the Flag has decided to expand the offer to small and medium markets. Thus, we developed a simplified view of the main concepts of governance of IT in order to facilitate the deployment of best practices also in those markets (low cost combined with extensive experience).

Contact us and find out how the implementation of these concepts can optimize the processes of your business.


Optimization of activities;
Highest quality of services;
Alignment of IT with the business;
Better use of resources;

Cost savings;




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