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  PIV - Sales Intelligence Web Portal

The PIV (Sales Intelligence Web Portal) is an innovative solution for the management of distribution chains.

The objective of the solution is to provide the industry a level of control of the indirect sales chair similar to the already existent in the direct chain. To achieve this goal, the PIV is able to import business information, marketing, financial from various distributors spread in Brazil, centralize such information and provide consultation management intuitive and easy access and use.

The reports can be classified by many categories, for example: Commercial reports, Product Reports, Financial Reports, Marketing Reports.

Based on the collaboration technology, Microsoft Sharepoint,and Business Intelligence, Microstrategy 8i, the PIV offers the state of art of the technology for the exchange of information and geranial reports.

Contact us and know the value of the business that the Sales Intelligence Web Portal is able to provide.

  Main Routines :

Single Register of POS's Brazil;
Standard Register of products and commercial actions;
Standard Plan accounts;
Provision of reports, as pre-specified standards;
Tool for creating reports by the users;
Management of investments in the market;
Market Research;
Monitoring of merchandising material;
Intelligence Sales through analysis of information on the operations of sales;




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