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  The FlexX GPS integration on FlexX Suite

The FlexX GPS is a 100% web, integrated to the technology of GPS devices for tracking teams of sale, delivery and so.

Its main objective is to rationalize the work of teams, through an effective control of the work in field, not a substitute for other solutions of tracking and locks of vehicles by satellite.

The solution has several indicators that can be easily seen favoring a rapid decision making and analysis of the work done individually, among them:

Number of PDV;
Number of stops x Real Km;
Previous misuse X Real Km;
Three biggest times of visit/ delivery;
Average on parade;
Productive time;

Some benefits:

Increase of 20% of productivity in the visits of sellers;
Reducing the rate of deviations from planned visits;

Reducing the rate of accidents (speed control);
Significant fuel economy;
Economy of the amount of overtime established with the team;
Possible economy in the rate of insurance of vehicles;

   Main Routines :

Presents in the visualization map the selling points visited and the length of stay in the office;
Identifies in which selling points the visit / delivery is more time consuming;
Allow corrective actions such as changing the time of visit / delivery, exchange of the day of visit / delivery, among others;
Opening the map of the contributor, it is possible to view on the roadmap done, the point at which it occurred over speeding;




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