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  The NF Electronics integration on FlexX Suite

The Federal Government released the electronic invoice program. Like other countries the program become a success. More than a simple obligation the Electronic Invoice brings a number of advantages for companies, among them:

Reduction of costs of printing;
Reduction of the acquisition costs of paper;
Reducing the time of printing;
Reduction of costs for storing tax documents;
Anticipation of payments, for rapid delivery of invoices;
Elimination of typing of invoices in receipt of goods;
Reduction of errors in bookkeeping errors due to typing notes from tax;

The solution also enables full traceability of electronic invoices issued and received, including control of protocols, digital signature, security, issuing DANFE and contingency.

Contact us and find out the benefits on electronic invoices.

  Main Routines :

Issue of electronic invoices;
Receipt of electronic invoices;
Digital Signature Control and Security;
Traceability of electronic invoices;
Easy integration with the company's ERP;
100% approved with SEFAZ and IRS Brazilian Bureau;




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