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  The Avante Sales integration on FlexX Suite

Avante Sales is the mobile solution of Flag IntelliWan for the Automation of Sales Force, which server companies from many different segments, such as beverages, food, organizing and integrating people and processes involved in management.

Through the internet, the system allows the Sales Force Automation to remotely integrate with immediate access to products, prices and avability, optimizing the operations and reducing the costs of the proceedings.

Built on technology solutions for mobile Microsoft Visual Studio. Net (Dot Net Compact Framework) and Microsoft Pocket PC hardware. Deploys tools that go beyond the mere collection of applications such as market research, control of reason, non sale, statistics of daily productivity.

Contact us and find how to raise your performance and sales management.

  Main Routines :

Order Collecting;
Operation Support (sales, trade, subsidy);
Information from last visits/ collection of market research;

Information for nonpayment per customer;
Summary report of sales;
Products list by type of retail;
Sales History;
Financial Information;
Merchandising material control;
Market research;
Survey of stock;
Client list;
Summary of daily sales;

Policy price (minimum value of sales, minimum quantity of sales, discounts, with maximum variables, recovery of the financial burden on sales deadline;




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