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NESTLÉ - Development and maintenance between the ERP and distribution system

Nestlé is named after its founder, Henri Nestlé, the German who invented the first infant food formula, called by him of Milky meal. From that initiative, begun more than 130 years in the town of Vervey, Switzerland, Nestlé grew and became a Food and Nutrition World Company .

Nestlé Brazil has developed an innovative and pioneering project in the area of distribution called "Brokers." From the standpoint of business, a BROKER unlike a DAN, is made by a subsidiary of the company that is physically established in the area of focus of coverage the market.

The innovation brought by the model has caused him to become a success which resulted in the increase in the number of brokers over the 2005 to 2007. For the next few years this growth will be even greater, because it is driven by good business results achieved.


From a technology point of view, the innovation of the business model of the broker raised with a challenge: Developing and maintaining interface between the ERP of the corporation (SAP GLOBE) with a system for operational and commercial management of the process of beverages distribution.


The Flag IntelliWan is the approved supplier of systems for the Network of Distributors Nestle throughout Brazil.

Through an unique system, we make available for Distributors and Brokers information and specific routines with the vision Neslté.

The Flag IntelliWan assists in the normalization of concepts and methodologies for the Distribution Network, providing reports and information through tools with the same interface, aiming to meet and focus on the items covering the STAR D (Program of Excellence).

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