CECREMGE - system development

Founded in 1994, the Economics and Credit Cooperatives Center of Minas Gerais Ltda - Sicoob Central Cecremge, was created to represent the interests of its affiliated cooperatives, guiding them in all their operations and services, promoting the integration of them with the cooperative and the national financial system.

Make part of Sicoob System Cecremge the most diverse cooperatives, formed by staff of public and private companies, professionals and traders who have joined together to form a non-profit society, with its own administration.


The mini-factory Cecremge is responsible for assist the needs of Sicoob Central Cecremge. Its main objective is to develop systems that solve the needs of the customer, with quality.

Systems are developed, according to the demands of the customer, using the software development process of Flag IntelliWan. All systems developed so far are WEB, using the framework. NET and SQL Server database.

It has been developed the Pawnbroker Insurance System and are in development the Management and Auditing and Administration of the Financial Centering.


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