AMBEV - Development of the system of revenue

The AmBev was created in 1999, from the merger of breweries Brahma, Skol and Antarctica, with the goal to consolidate an organization which exceeded the borders of the country and circulate that report their marks throughout the world. Is the largest beverages Latin America and the seventh largest in the world, using more than 18 thousand officials and having more than 400 re sales in the entire national territory.


The distribution network of AmBev needed a system for operational and commercial management of the process of distribution of beverages: issuance of tax notes, OBZ budget management, management of stock, tax records, monitoring of sales, management of lending and the resale of consignment small, medium and large. A complete and integrated solution for business, logistics and distribution.

The Flag IntelliWan developed a billing system in Visual Basic platform, Windows 2000 Server / SQL Server, using the most comprehensive and integrated services of data analysis - OLAP Services and multi layers. Its open architecture gives greater freedom of action to the manager of information technology, enabling better management of re sales, thanks to the speed, quality and greater control of information obtained.
The software, which can be accessed remotely from any location and using any device, was approved by the Company and is accessed by over one thousand users throughout Brazil.
According to the latest assessment by the General Commission for Information Technology, the product reaches 95.2% of acceptance in relation to the requirements of the Program of Excellence AmBev and services to support / help desk received 100% approval.
Moreover, the solution was awarded by Microsoft in 2,002, as "Brazil's Best Small Business Solution", and 1,999 among the five best solutions for products based on Microsoft Windows - Award "His solution Valley Gold".



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